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GDN Group

GDN Group includes two daughter companies, GDN Logistica SpA and Odpiù SpA.

Our Group was established to combine two fundamental characteristics: - professionalism in the field of logistics and - high propensity, in relation to the construction and management of industrial properties with innovative solutions for the clients who use the facilities.

Through GDN Logistica SpA and ODPIU SpA, we provide services and solutions in the field of logistics and trade, guaranteeing high-quality standards, and favouring solid human and business values.

GDN SpA, the parent company, is active in real estate, particularly in the construction and management of industrial properties.

Group companies

marchio GDN Logistica Spa

GDN Logistica SpA

GDN Logistica SpA involves itself with outsourcing product management for companies interested in third-party logistics, and has its operational headquarters in Stradella (PV). Specializing in customized logistics services it offers customer-tailored solutions.

marchio Odpiù Spa

Odpiù SpA

Odpiù SpA is the leading national distributor B2B of workplace products and offers its customers a range of commercial, marketing and logistics solutions within a structured consulting service.

Odpiù, currently provides the widest assortment of selected, innovative and high-quality products to 2,500 retailers throughout Italy, and manages directly its logistics, thanks to a warehouse, of 25,000 square meters, which is highly automated, guaranteeing the customers a speedy delivery and immediate availability of about 22,000 references.

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